Gourmet Assorted Sandwiches
Gourmet Assorted Sandwiches
Gourmet Assorted Sandwiches

Gourmet Assorted Sandwiches


Freshly made with chefs selection fillings on Brasserie Breads famous sourdough, Quinoa & Soya grain, white sourdough, New York rye, Assorted wraps, 6 seeded rolls, turkish bread, milk buns.

All sandwiches are served cut in half, available on share platters or individually boxed. 
Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy free options are also available at no extra cost

Please select from the fillings below or leave the mix to us:
  • Assorted: Assorted chefs sandwich ( We will include 10% vegetarian option on the same platter unless specified otherwise )
  • Tuna: Albacore tuna, tomato, mixed leaf and spinach, onion, parsley, coriander and aioli 
  • Chickpea: Chickpea, kale, sweet potato and tahini dressing (VG) (DF) 
  • Chickpea Smash: Chickpea smash, goat cheese, tomato, hummus and mixed leaf (V)
  • Chicken: Chicken shredded, avocado, mixed leaf, cheese and aioli 
  • Egg: Egg smash, mixed leaf, cheddar cheese and aioli (V) 
  • Ham: Ham, fresh tomato, smashed avocado, aged cheddar and mixed leaf 
  • Prosciutto: Prosciutto, salad, pickled relish, aged cheddar cheese and aioli Smoked 
  • Salmon: Salmon, cucumber, mixed leaf, caper, dill, chive, cream cheese (V) 
  • Vegetable: Vegetables, chargrilled roast eggplant and pesto dressing (VG) (DF)
  • Schnitzel: Chicken Schnitzel, lettuce cheese tomato 
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