• Minimum order 1 sandwich
  • Freshly made with chefs selection fillings on Brasserie Breads famous sourdough, Quinoa & Soya grain, white sourdough, New York rye, Assorted wraps, 6 seeded rolls, turkish bread, milk buns.
  • All sandwiches are served cut in half
  • We can serve these in platter shared boxes or individually boxed


Please select from the fillings below or leave the mix to us:




  • Tuna: Albacore tuna, tomato, mixed leaf and spinach, onion, parsley, coriander and aioli 
  • Chickpea: Chickpea, kale, sweet potato and tahini dressing (VG) (DF) 
  • Chickpea Smash: Chickpea smash, goat cheese, tomato, hummus and mixed leaf (V)
  • Chicken: Chicken shredded, avocado, mixed leaf, cheese and aioli 
  • Egg: Egg smash, mixed leaf, cheddar cheese and aioli (V) 
  • Ham: Ham, fresh tomato, smashed avocado, aged cheddar and mixed leaf 
  • Prosciutto: Prosciutto, salad, pickled relish, aged cheddar cheese and aioli Smoked 
  • Salmon: Salmon, cucumber, mixed leaf, caper, dill, chive, cream cheese (V) 
  • Vegetable: Vegetables, chargrilled roast eggplant and pesto dressing (VG) (DF)
  • Schnitzel: Chicken Schnitzel, lettuce cheese tomato 
  • Assorted: Assorted chefs sandwich ( We will include 10% vegetarian option on the same platter unless specified otherwise )

Gourmet Chef Assorted Sandwiches

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    We understand that mishaps unfortunately do occur - if the error is due to a mistake on our behalf please contact us immediately upon receiving your order. 


    Our team will quickly rectify any issues.