• $10.00 per person
  • Served in a disposable box
  • An assortment of gluten free bagels, rolls, sliced bread breakfast options

    Cut in half.

  • We include 10% vegetarian option unless specified otherwise.


Served Hot

  • Scrambled egg, Meredith goat cheese, feta and spinach (V)
  • Scrambled egg, bacon and tomato relish
  • Fried egg, bacon, house made tomato relish
  • Fried egg, sautéed spinach, meredith goats feta, aioli (v) Grilled mushrooms, kale, pickle, goats cheese, homemade



Served Cold

  • Smashed egg, mixed leaf and aioli (V)
  • Smoked salmon, mixed leaf, caper, dill, chive and cream cheese
  • Ham, aged cheddar, smashed avocado and tomato
  • Smashed avocado, feta, tomato and rocket leaf salad
  • Ham, tasty cheese, mixed leaf, tomato relish
  • Kale, chickpea, sweet potato and tahini dressing (VG) (DF) 

Gluten Free Hot & Cold Breakfast

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