Minimum Order 1

$10 per wrap - Cut into 2 

Serves 1 


Choose a selection of tasty fillings served on breakfast tortilla wraps cut in half or 

Select "Chefs selection" for an assortment of fillings chosen by us!


Tortilla wrap flavours include

  • Plain
  • Spinach 
  • Sundried tomato 


Fillings may include:

  • albacore tuna tomato mixed leaf spinach onion parsley coriander aioli(v)

  • chickpea kale sweet potato tahin idressing  (vg) (df)

  • chicken shredded avocado mixed leaf cheese aioli

  • ham fresh tomato smashed avocado aged cheddar mixed leaf 

  • prosciutto salad pickled relish aged cheddar cheese aioli 

  • smoked salmon cucumber mixed leaf caper dill chive cream cheese (v)



Served  in disposable box

Lunch Wraps - Assorted

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    We understand that mishaps unfortunately do occur - if the error is due to a mistake on our behalf please contact us immediately upon receiving your order. 


    Our team will quickly rectify any issues.