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Dmitrii Sorin , 27/05/2022

I'm pretty sure this place has changed their menu and setup as there are no tapas, wine and all that. Coffee is okay, burgers are fine, banana bread is fine too. We also took a buddha bowl and it was fine as well. I guess this is one of the places where you can't complain about the food quality but you definitely shouldn't expect something outstanding. The staff is friendly and welcoming.

Elise Devine , 09/07/2021

Very nice food and Great coffee. Location is pretty good, would be great for surrounding office workers. But also decent parking for other people to get there. The Inside was nice and bright, as well as spacious. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

Hans Kang , 25/05/2022

It's a nice place to sit and have a meal together. Vegan meals are pretty good too.

Kazal Pradhan , 11/01/2022

Very friendly service, good staff always happy and smiling. The food is always fresh and yummy!

Chris Spencer , 23/11/2021

Nice breakfast, good service, friendly staff. Enjoyed the crab omelet and corn fritters.

Peta McConachie (Postcards from Peta) , 10/08/2022

Plenty of street parking nearby, it is located off the main road in the IBM plaza, so a little hidden but plenty of signage.

erinxeats , 22/07/2021

i enjoyed majority of the dishes served here but my standouts were the prawn rolls

Amalia Medina also known as Ina Madjidhan , 14/08/2021

Charlie & Frank’s coffee are great. And their food are amazing. We ordered Japanese Beef Roll and B&E roll, Mushroom Toasties. Oh my!! So yummy.

Karl Chong , 13/03/2021

Been here on a couple of occasions now. I really rate their iced latte (there is a double shot of coffee) be iced long black. I love the fried cauliflower huge with romanesco, it is such an amazing dish. The zuchinni flowers are really nice as is the beef burger. I want to go back to try the fish tacos sometime. You cant go wrong with the cauliflower burger

Dragon Heart Sherpa , 24/01/2024

Genal a Gujji from Mumbai such a pleasant lady made breakfast more pleasant here. After staying just 1” away for the last month I found a hidden gem of a place for good breakfast. I had liked Moody Chef too but the vibe is more homey & positive here. All the way from Darjeeling- my hometown, now Kathmandu.. they serve one of THE BEST BREAKFAST. The latte matcha beautifully decorated with two pansies- edible but had no heart to have. All in all a great place.

William Tapia , 08/11/2023

My recent visit to Charlie + Franks was a delight. I ordered their Fried Chicken Burger with Fries, and the fresh-made pickles were a highlight. The crispy chicken patty and toasted bun made for a flavorful combination, and the zesty pickles added the perfect tangy touch

Julia Truong , 24/10/2023

Their new spring menu brings fresh ingredients with various culture inspired dishes such as the Chicken bone broth with ramen noodles. Their soup is very light and nourishing, with chicken and pork sausage. The turmeric and coconut barramundi is more heavier dish where I would recommend sharing with others and add Roasted broccoli cutlet on the side. Finishing off with the naughty side, I was very impressed with the Spelt Ricotta Pancakes, with layers of pancakes the texture was fluffy and had a hint of cinnamon. It was like a cinnamon donut but pancakes. Definitely a must try ❤️ Overall incredible staff with smiles adds that extra cherry on top for experience and their dishes.

Luke Hart , 09/10/2023

Finally! The Best pancake in lower north shore has been found! Charlie and Franks is sooo underrated. This place is great. Slightly disadvantaged by its location - this place does the best food/coffee IMO. The Spelt pancakes deserve a chef’s hat (exxy but worth it). Dont get me started on the chorizo toastee!!! Would come back time and time again! 5 stars!

April Tran , 22/09/2023

Bad food good vibe. The service was excellent but the food quality unfortunately was bad. Not sure if my noodle was uncooked or overcooked but it was soggy and sticky as a whole at the same time. Flavour wasn't there either. But service was on point, maybe just not order the noodle you'll be fine.

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